This feature allows you to change your primary contact email addresses. These email addresses will function as the main contact points for notifying you of new information regarding your website.

It is recommended that you use an email address not affiliated with your website, as this could be useful if your website’s email stops working. A second contact email address can be added, if you have one.

The series of checkboxes below your email address(es) will determine the reasons you could be contacted. An email can be sent when:

  • Your account approaches its disk quota(disk quota is almost full) — This means that your website is close to reaching the maximum amount of disk space that you are allowed. A full disk quota results in you being unable to modify existing files or add new files to your website. Delete old or unused files, or upgrade your hosting plan, to fix this issue.
  • Your account approaches its bandwidth usage limit — This means that your website has received the maximum amount of traffic it is allowed. When your maximum bandwidth has been reached, people will no longer be able to access your website. You must upgrade your hosting plan to fix this issue. Otherwise, you must wait until the limit is reset. Usually this occurs at the end of the month.
  • Any of your email accounts approach or is over its quota — This means that one of your email addresses is close to using the maximum amount of disk space it is allowed. Delete old email, or upgrade your hosting plan, to resolve this issue.
  • Your contact email address changes. The system will notify you at your current and previous contact email addresses.
  • Your preference for contact email address change notifications is disabled.  
  • Your account’s password changes
  • Your preference for account password change notifications is disabled.

To update your Contact Info;

  1. Login to your hosting control panel.
  2. In the Preferences section, click Update Contact Information
  3. Enter the new contact e-mail.
  4. Select your contact preferences
  5. Click Save to store the changes. 
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