Any registered domain name has contact information associated with it. This categorised as below:

  • Registrant Contact - This is the contact for the legal owner  of the domain or the domain license holder.
  • Administrator Contact - This is the contact for the domain name manager.
  • Technical Contact - This is the contact of the person who manages all of the technical issues related to the domain.
  • Billing Contact - This is the contact of the person authorized to receive renewal invoices for the domain names.

It's very common to find domain names with the same contact information for the registrant, administrator, technical and billing.

Please note that ICANN requires every domain registrant and registrar to keep accurate and updated whois records for domain names to which they are registrants or registrars respectively. As a result, you should always update your domain's contact information as frequently as it changes. 

Also, if you are planning to update or change your domain's whois contact information for purposed of masking or hiding your personal information from spammers, you would rather read how to activate Whois Privacy or ID Protection for your domain name. Else, read on.

Steps for Changing or Updating a Domain's Whois Contact Information

If you registered your domain name with Jubilee Web Host and would like to change any of the domain's contact information, please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your billing/client area at
  2. Navigate to Domains > My Domains. This will list all the domain names you hold with us.
  3. Click anywhere in the row listing the domain name whose contact information you want to change. This will open the domain Overview page.
  4. On the domain Overview page, do one of the following:
    1. Click "Update the WHOIS contact information for your domain" just below the domain overview information.  This will display the Contact Information page with all the four categories of contact information (registrant, admini, technical and billing) displayed. Then, for each of the each of the contacts;
      • Click "Specify custom information below".
      • Enter the whois contact information appropriately.
      • click "Save Changes".
    2. Or Click "Contact Information" on the left navigation pane under "Manage".  This will open the Contact Information page and a new "Contact Information" submenu on the left navigation pane. For each of the Contacts;
      • Click the appropriate link on the left navigation under "Contact Information".
      • Click "Manage Current Contact" on the resulting contact information page.
      • Enter  your new information
      • Click "Save Changes".
  5. Done!


Congratulations! You have now know how to change the whois contact information for your domain  name registered by Jubilee Web Host.

If your domain name was registered by a different domain registrar other than Jubilee Web Host e.g GoDaddy or eNom, you may want to refer to their knowledgebase or documentation on how to change the whois contact information for domains registered by them. This is because they understand their system best and they we expect them to have the most accurate and up to date guide on how to change whois contact information for domains to which they are registrars.

Should you need any further assistance on how to changing your domain's whois contact information, don't hesitate to contact us using any of our support options found at

Have no domain name yet? Register one here. Already have one registered by a different registrar other than Jubilee Web Host? You can transfer it to us here so you can enjoy our low renewal rates.

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