Addon domains allow you to host more than one website on completely different domains within the same hosting account. For example, you may have the main domain for your hosting account as but also want to have another website with the domain name under the same hosting account. This is very possible and the number of additional domains/websites you host on your account will depend on your hosting plan's features as set by your hosting provider.

If your hosting plan has zero addon domains, that means you can host only one fully qualified domain name on the hosting account.

At Jubilee Web Host, all our hosting plans (except the personal plans) allow you to host multiple addon domains within a single hosting account. That means you can host multiple websites on completely different domains within your account. You can configure these through your cPanel or Plesk hosting control panel depending on whether you have purchased Linux or Windows hosting.

Caution: If you are a website designer managing multiple websites for your clients, we would highly recommend that you separate your clients' cPanel accounts. It would be better to sign up for a lower hosting plan for each of your clients. It's far better than clustering all of them on a single higher multi addon domains account. This is because, whereas your hosting plan may have an unlimited number of addon domain and can therefore host multiple websites, there are other account resource constraints that will affect your websites' performance. Of course not only that. There are several other benefits of having websites on independent cPanel accounts than having them on the same account as addon domains.

You now know what addon domains are. You may now go ahead to order for your hosting account.

You may also want to read about parked domains, sub-domains and domain add-ons, and how different they are from addon domains. 

Do you still have questions about addon domains? Don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team. We shall be glad to address them.

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