Whois Privacy Protection, Whois Guard and ID Protection all mean the same thing. In fact, there are many other variations of phrases which are used to mean the same thing. These include domain name privacy, domain privacy protection, identity theft protection, private domain registration among others.

All these terms are used to refer to the act of shielding or hiding personal contact information associated with your domain name from the public whois. Anyone performing a whois lookup on your domain will not see your personal contact information. Rather, it will be replaced by the contact information of our privacy protection unit or that of our domain name registration partners. This will help to protect yourself and all other contacts associated with your domain name from identity theft.

Wondering how you can enable or disable whois privacy protection for your domain name? "How to Enable or Activate Whois Privacy Protection or Whois Guard or ID Protection for Your Domain" and "How to Disable or De-activate Whois Privacy Protection or Whois Guard or ID Protection for Your Domain" respectively.


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